Canada police charge woman with smuggling refugees from US

Two more groups of asylum seekers have crossed the border into Manitoba

A Regina woman has been charged with human smuggling after nine people were intercepted while crossing into Canada.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police they intercepted a 43-year-old woman driving nine people across the US border into the prairie province of Saskatchewan on Friday night. Police say evidence and a significant amount of cash were seized from the home.

Michelle Omoruyi, 43, was arrested on Friday as part of an ongoing investigation by Saskatchewan authorities into potential human trafficking along the world's longest land border.

32-year-old Sid Ahmed Tfeil originally from Mauitania, but living in the U.S., is shown being arrested by an RCMP officer after illegally crossing into Canada in February.

She was stopped after crossing at the Saskatchewan border in a vehicle carrying nine foreign nationals.

These nine individuals were not injured and were safely transferred to the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency. Police declined to give any other information about the group, citing privacy concerns. The new statistics suggest those numbers could rise further as the weather warms.Canada is on track to see the highest number of asylum claims in six years, given the pace of claims filed so far, as increasing numbers of people cross into Canada to make refugee claims in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump's election and his crackdown on refugees and illegal immigrants.Under the Canada-U.S.

In total, about 115 asylum claimants were processed last month in Manitoba by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, bringing the annual total to 140. Safe Third Country Agreement - increases the problem of human smuggling and unlawful border crossings. Advocates on both sides of the border have long urged the Canadian government to suspend the agreement, warning that it leaves asylum seekers looking to enter Canada from the USA with little choice but to resort to hazardous journeys.

One person has been charged in connection with a human smuggling case in southeast Saskatchewan. Donovan Fisher said Wednesday. "They're vulnerable and may be taken advantage of by people looking to gain financially from their situation".



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