Blackhawks vs. Predators: Chicago needs something from Patrick Kane in Game 3

The injury forced Rielly, Jake Gardiner and Matt Hunwick to play heavy minutes late into the night. After Holtby was penalized for slashing Nazem Kadri in the back of the leg, Ovechkin came out of the penalty box from serving the minor and got a breakaway. That's it. It's playoff time.

"For us, it's getting back to that desperate energy, the scratching-and-clawing, whatever-it-takes type of hockey".

The scene shifts to Nashville for Game 3 on Monday night. But for a number of passionate fans who've started following the franchise in their resurgence the past decade, this was a shock. "We need more. Every aspect".

What the Predators achieved in their 5-0 romp of Chicago on Saturday night was nothing short of criminal.

The Senators came back from a 3-1 deficit with a two-goal third period to force overtime.

Highlights of Saturday's National Hockey League games.

Trying to squeeze the life out of the Blackhawks and hang onto the smallest advantage is a way to steal a game but not a series. "That wasn't fun to watch".

From Nashville, I expect more of the same; a hard, fast, straight-line game that makes the most of the Preds' ample speed and that helps to compensate for deficiencies in forward talent.

"We got to get out of this mess and hole".

Instead, the Western Conference's top seed trails the Nashville Predators 0-2 and looks nothing like the team favored to reach the Stanley Cup Final.

The next game is a big one for the Predators.

Chicago have now gone a full 120 minutes without scoring a goal, a shocking and unforeseen stat for a mostly healthy roster that boasts six 20-goal scorers. Those guys have to producer for the Blackhawks to succeed and for the pair to be shutout like this causes problems.

The most frustrating part for the Blackhawks this postseason is how efficient they were at generating offense during the regular season.

"We're down one goal all night". The Predators are really good and a top-10 possession team.

Two Down, How Many to Go?

Anisimov also just couldn't get the puck to do what he wanted, and his shot went a bit wide.

Add to the mix the fact that the Blackhawks have had trouble breaking through the Predators' neutral zone trapping attack, leaving three and four players in between the blue line and the red line, and you have a recipe for disaster. "It's a desperate team and they're going to be playing like that", James Neal said.

Now that all of the warranted frustration is out-of-the-way, it's time to settle down and realize this is still very much a series. John Hayden found himself out of the lineup after Game 1. The Blackhawks haven't looked like the team we've grown accustomed to this season and in recent years.

Two years ago, it was the Predators who gave the Blackhawks perhaps their toughest test on the road to the Stanley Cup.

The Nashville Predators have shown a lot in their first two games of this postseason.

So, like Game 1, don't get too wrapped up in a couple of bad games.

"I didn't think you would be saying that (two) games into the series", captain Jonathan Toews said.



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