Bill O'Reilly to receive maximum of one year salary

Twenty-First Century Fox Inc has fired star cable news host Bill O'Reilly following allegations of sexual harassment, the company said yesterday.

On Wednesday, the network's parent company 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ: FOXA) announced that O'Reilly would not be returning to Fox News .

In the aftermath of Bill O'Reilly's removal from Fox News following the disclosure of lawsuits of harassment against him as well, as internal investigations from the network that found more allegations, the topic of sexual harassment at Fox News Network is on many people's minds.

Burgess said that she was a temporary worker at Fox News in 2008 when she claims the host acted inappropriately towards her.

O'Reilly released a statement, calling it "tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims". As a strong woman, I say we should be feel more empowered than that.

According to emails obtained by POLITICO, O'Reilly and his legal team were aware of Democratic fundraiser Mary Pat Bonner's attempts to get advertisers to pull out of time slots during "The O'Reilly Factor".

Perquita Burgess, a former clerical worker at Fox, went on "The View" Thursday to talk about encounters with O'Reilly nine years ago.

His success on that front prompted Fox News to tolerate O'Reilly's boorish - and worse - behavior toward women off-camera.

Burgess, who was working as a temp at the time, said it only took O'Reilly about two weeks to start harassing her.

The women either worked for O'Reilly or appeared as guests on his programme.

Fox News executives paid the former CEO $40 million after he stepped down from his position in July amid accusations that he repeatedly sexually harassed female employees over his 20-year tenure.

O'Reilly is one of the country's most successful nonfiction authors, but his upcoming book could be a test of his reading audience without the Fox News platform to promote his work.

During an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN's "The Lead," Palin hinted that she wasn't happy during her time as a Fox News contributor but would not divulge details ― even when asked about Fox News' corporate culture in the age of Bill O'Reilly. Well, she could have been happier if O'Reilly was actually facing criminal charges after the $13 million in sexual harassment hush money was exposed by the New York Times earlier this month.



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