Bill lets IN governor, not voters, pick schools chief

While the change from an elected to an appointed superintendent was part of Holcomb's agenda for the session, its success was far from certain in February when the Senate voted down their version of the proposal.

House Speaker Brian Bosma says Senate Republicans have agreed to slowly shift all fuel sales taxes, but he says the cigarette tax is dead due to overwhelmingly opposition in the Senate.

The House wanted an immediate and total shift; the Senate didn't want to shift it at all.

The appointed superintendent must have been a resident of IN for at least two years and hold an advanced degree, preferable IN education.

The Senate also added requirements for the post, which Bosma said was not his "first-preference".

Opponents of the bill have argued that this move would strip Hoosiers of their right to vote directly for the person who oversees Indiana's education policies.

IN is one of 13 states that elect their schools chief, a tradition here for the past 166-years. She has said she values the separation of powers between the governor and schools superintendent but that she understands the two posts must be collaborative.

"To take away the vote of constituents is just a huge, huge concern for me", said Rep. Melanie Wright, D-Yorktown.

"I respect the sensitivity surrounding this bill as it will have an impact on students, educators, and families across Indiana", McCormick said in a statement. The bill, a priority of Gov. Eric Holcomb's, now heads to his desk.

"Kudos to lawmakers for fixing a decades-long problem & putting students 1st by making the Supt. of Public Instruction an appointed position".



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