Balenciaga's $2145 bag bears striking resemblance to Ikea's 99-cent tote

Balenciaga's $2145 bag bears striking resemblance to Ikea's 99-cent tote

Oh, and of course the whole tiny matter of the price - you can cop the Ikea bag for 99 cents, but you'll have to pay $2,145 to get your hands on the Balenciaga!

Ikea may have redesigned their classic blue tote bag, but it seems that demand is still high for the iconic item.

What will we see next?

Ikea's pretty excited about having inspired Balenciaga though. It hasn't publicly responded to the controversy, so we can't be sure.

A French luxury fashion house has released a £1,670 tote bag - that looks remarkably similar to the ones Ikea sell for pennies. In fact, the company is downright flattered by the imitation.

Is an Italian fashion designer's bag an example of hIgh fashion or is it a high-priced homage to Ikea's iconic shopping totes? "Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag".

This isn't the first time that Balenciaga looked elsewhere for inspiration.

The fashion house also caused a social-media stir past year when it unveiled large, striped shopper bags that were eerily similar to those found in Bangkok markets. The Danish mega-home furnishings and decor chain with stores throughout the USA sells the roomy tote, which is made of recycled materials, for 99 cents.

But back to Balenciaga's latest sensation.

The new Arena extra large shopper tote made from blue wrinkled glazed leather looks to be an nearly flawless replica of the large shopping tote from Ikea. According to Elle, it's also available in yellow and black in case you want to avoid anyone talking to you about Ikea's infamous meatballs.



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