AT&T To Retail More Durable Galaxy S8 Active


Nevertheless, you can't hold onto a phone forever and in the last 12 months Kantar reports 28 percent of Samsung owners upgraded to a newer Galaxy phone.

Considering how much praise has been heaped on the Galaxy S7 Edge in the last year, and the fact it continued to be the primary Galaxy flagship for an entire year following the Note 7 recall, it's kind of sobering to know that even after all that, nearly three times more people have an S5 by their side.

As for the lineage of Active smartphones, the Korean giant started the tradition of releasing a tougher and more bulkier version of its flagship S series device for quite some time.

While the Galaxy S8 won't actually be released until later in April, Samsung still looks to maintain this stance on button remapping through third-party apps. Going forward the Galaxy S8 series will most likely be the first to get all Nougat updates among Samsung devices this year. It was surprising that the iris scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S8 might actually be better compared to FBI's fingerprinting technology, Business Insider reported. The Galaxy S Active lineup borrows a few traits from the S-flagship of the year and packs it in a rugged body designed for outdoor use. In previous years, however, Galaxy Active models have launched in June and Samsung could be looking at a similar time frame for this year as well.

Galaxy S8 sports a 3000mAh battery with fast-charging support which can be charged both on Wired and Wireless mode. Seeing how the Galaxy S8 already boasts four physical buttons on its sides, Samsung may decide against including the fifth one and could instead simply remap the Bixby button or offer users the choice to do so themselves.

And finally, it is also worth noting that the Galaxy S8 Active appears to be an AT&T exclusive, or at least as of now.



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