Apple offering superior iPad Air 2 for fourth-generation iPad replacements

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iPad air2 as a substitute of Ipad4. That new iPad 4 is already in stores. Customers like that to make Video calls, to enjoy Photos, Videos, Watching Tv and Movies, Surfing the Web.

We have some great news for Apple fans that have not gotten ridden of their fourth generation iPad.

Apple's family of iPads consists of, from left, the iPad Mini 4;.

According to Gadgets 360, although the Cupertino-based tech giant has also discontinued the iPad Air 2 recently, the same will keep shipping until the fourth-generation iPad supplies run out. As the iPad Air 2 offers a slew of improvements over the iPad 4, including a faster processor, Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated with the Home Button, improved front and rear cameras, along with a slimmer design and enhanced retina display.

Features are as Follows 437g (wi-fi)/444g (3G/LTE), 6.1 mm thickness. A 12.9inch model, 10.5inch model as well as a 9.7inch model. But one thing for sure if one had been postponing the repairs for iPad 4 fthen it is the ideal time to go for it now.

The move is a smart one by Apple because stocks of the now discontinued iPad 4 are increasingly thin.

The memo also notes that staff should inform users about things such as the color and the amount of storage capacity. According to an internal memo obtained by 9to5 Mac, users who need service on that model could walk out of the store with a shiny new iPad Air 2. But swap is only allowed if there isn't anymore service stock available.

So, just FYI, if you take your old fourth-gen iPad in for service and they try to replace it with the same model, maybe shop around to see if you get something better. The iPad 4 released on 2012 it will be replaced on 2017.

If you happen to have an old iPad 4 laying around that is covered under Applecare warranty, this could be an awesome way to bag yourself a free upgrade.



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