"13 Reasons Why" makes smooth transition to Netflix original

If we can only focus on how good-looking someone from a show about a young female committing suicide, then something is surely wrong with us. After Hannah's death, the student council puts up memorials and informative posters all around the halls, but rather than feel safer and more accepted, students lash out against this. Some experts believe that the Netflix show has failed to address the issue of suicide in a proper manner. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 10-24 year olds in the U.S. and the second leading cause of death in males aged 5-19 in the United Kingdom and this is why we shouldn't be considering 13 Reasons Why as "just another Netflix hit", we should be viewing it as an incentive to talk about suicide.

The series revolves around a teenage boy who discovers a series of cassette tapes.

Please see the following links for helpful information for schools, mental health services, and parents if they are aware that children or young people have been exposed to the content and have expressed concerns around their own mental health, distress, or suicidal thoughts and feelings. "You can't actually read somebody to the full extent you think you can". For Reidenberg, the fact that Hannah gets to tell her story after her death, through the audiotapes, glamorizes the death and sends a potentially risky message to viewers.

"Sadly when you die, you die, and a lot of young people don't fully understand the finality of death".

Since the Netflix series was released on March 31, the online community has been arguing over its representation of serious issues like rape, bullying and suicide. Another well-known public figure who had a hand in the making of the show is Selena Gomez as an executive producer.

Much of what is portrayed in 13 Reasons Why can be related to by a large proportion of the target demographic and whilst this probably has a substantial impact on the series' success, the pinnacle, for me, was the authentic depiction of suicide.

The 24-year-old singer said that Hanna's life resembles her own life when she was a teenager. Take a look at the chain of events in Hannah's life.

"We are so concerned about that and we see spikes in suicide when there is unsafe portrayals". With outstanding acting, interesting plot, and a wide variety of characters, "13 Reasons Why" will keep audiences wanting to press play to find out each reason. She eventually goes to her school's guidance counselor for help, but instead of offering treatment options, he questions her in ways that make it seem like the issues she's dealing with - including multiple instances of sexual assault - are her fault.

SAVE partnered with the Jed Foundation, a youth suicide prevention group, to compile a list of talking points to help parents discuss the series with their teenagers. This is just the beginning to the bullying that Hannah Baker experienced. Gomez has a history of speaking up about mental illness, and this show is her most actionable headline to date. According to some experts, it may be disturbing to some viewers.

At many high schools and universities across the country, this is common practice. As the series continues, Clay fuses technologies from different eras together: The click and spin of the cassette tape delivers Hannah's story to Clay's ears through black-and-red Beats Headphones.

Yorkey told EW.com that depicting Hannah's suicide was a deliberate choice.



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