YouTube's Restricted Mode has been filtering innocuous LGBTQ+ content

Make YouTube Gay Again- Listen Up Google!

British YouTuber Rowan Ellis says she has had 40 videos taken off the platform under the new policy.

They say when viewers enable YouTube's Restricted Mode - a filter users can switch on and off to "screen out potentially objectionable content" - videos featuring LGBTQ titles and themes are being unfairly censored, even when the content in question is child-friendly.

YouTube responded Sunday night to accusations that it was unfairly hiding videos from the LGBTQ community through its "restricted mode" filter. She mentioned that hers, Calum McSwiggan, and other LGBT video channels have been affected.

The feature appears to be blocking inoffensive LGBTI content, however, including a lesbian couple reading each other their wedding vows.

NeonFiona added, "Kids who want to know about different orientations and definitions and about the history of LGBT people, etc, they can't access that when their videos are being restricted".

YouTube has caved in to calls for content restrictions and censorship on its platform, implementing an optional new feature called "restricted mode".

Restricted Mode is still up and censoring LGBT content at the time of writing.

Some noted that the restrictions seemed to specifically target LGBTQ content, and that similarly themed videos with heterosexual content were not hidden. One of Seaine's videos, "I Am Transgender", disappears when viewed in restricted mode. Restricting these videos makes it harder for these kids to find information they need and the community that they have been missing. In YouTube's app settings, there's a note about the Restricted Mode option which says that "no filter is 100 percent accurate" and since it uses a number of signals including user-submitted flags, the platform may not be squarely to blame. "LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discus more sensitive issues may not be".

A spokesperson for YouTube told Gizmodo in a statement that: "Restricted Mode is an optional feature used by a very small subset of users who want to have a more limited YouTube experience", the spokesperson said.

Schools and libraries are places kids can go to access the internet away from their parents - something potentially life-saving for LGBT youth.

Trans YouTuber SeaineLove also found her videos were hidden with the feature.

Rowan Ellis is one of many LGBT creators who have criticised YouTube for the feature, arguing that it means their content is being blocked. "Yet they are apparently being treated differently".



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