Wonder Woman Trains To Deliver Proper Fades In New Trailer

General Ludendorff and Dr Maru scheme in'Wonder Woman

The new poster features Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, on the beach of what we can assume to be Themyscira AKA Paradise Island, the mystical home of the Amazons. The film is slated for a release on June 2 so, mark your calendars!

For once, I like the origin story.

See all of the new action in the trailer below.

A young Diana sets her eyes on the God-killer sword.

We see the Princess undertaking training, we see Diana go through some of the toughest routines. Chris Pine makes his appearance in the trailer when crashes on Themyscira and warns danger about the impending danger and a deadly threat to humanity.

The "Wonder Woman" standalone movie is nearly here! First of all she was sculpted from clay by Hippolyta and given life by Athena and granted special powers by the Greek Gods.

There's a lot of badassery on show in the new footage, but there's one line that could give a big clue about something: "she must never know the truth about what she is".

War, what is it good for? After rescuing him, Diana accompanies him to London. Even though we now have a president who got his start from a small loan of several million dollars, that doesn't mean that you have to have money to achieve greatness.

'And I asked her, "And what about the princesses?" This trailer is easily the best to come out yet because it shows us Diana growing up and becoming theWonder Womanwe all know and love. Romanticism is rife in the manner in how the trailer's constructed and during the moments where the pair dance, they do gaze longingly into each other's eyes. It's worth noting that director Patty Jenkins has referred to Diana as a "goddess" in most of the interviews so far. Are they getting the world that Wonder Woman inhabits correct?

An Amazonian super-warrior isn't just born - she needs to be trained. The next DC movie arrives this summer and the studio are looking for a positive reaction to this first proper stand-alone movie in the franchise that breaks away from the ensemble movies that started with last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Check out the full trailer below.

Wonder Woman hits United Kingdom cinemas 2 June.



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