Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Won't Feature Nathan Drake Cameo

The Lost Legacy Announcement Screens

Game Director Kurt Margenau really put the nail in the coffin, adding, "We're not going to touch on Nathan Drake in this, at all".

The idea is that Naughty Dog is trying to evolve the Uncharted experience by putting the pace of its action in the hands of the player.

Nathan Drake's adventure finally came to a satisfying conclusion in last year's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, but developer Naughty Dog isn't done with the series just yet.

As for why Naughty Dog made a decision to bring Chloe back for another adventure, "She's an interesting character with a darker moral compass compared to Drake". We recently learned a few tidbits about the main antagonist of the game, Asav, but today Sony brought a plethora of details about the game including Chloe and Nadine's origins, wider linear gameplay, and more new combat gear to obtain.

Set deep within the rolling hills of India's Western Ghats mountain range, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is very much created to be Nadine and Chloe's adventure, and therefore has no room for a Nathan Drake cameo. Margenau was even more direct.

As for what Nate might be up to during the events of The Lost Legacy, Scherr said, "You can sort of imagine Drake sitting on the couch playing Crash Bandicoot while Chloe and Nadine are off galavanting".

"Uncharted: The Lost legacy" is a standalone expansion with access to the "Uncharted 4" multiplayer and Survival modes. The weapon will allow players to become more tactical in their approach and expands the series' stealth kill repertoire by not consisting of only melee kills. It is slated for release both physically and digitally, but pricing and the exact release date have yet to announced, as per GameSpot. To get ahead of endless questions about it, Sid asked writer Josh Scherr about a possible Nathan Drake cameo. Let us know in the comment section below.



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