U.S. health bill to leave 14m more uninsured

U.S. health bill to leave 14m more uninsured

A key group of conservative Republicans endorsed the replacement plan for ObamaCare after President Trump agreed to tougher rules on Medicaid.

Californians are trying to understand how the new Republican healthcare bill introduced last week might affect them. "We're going to have great healthcare", Trump said in response to a question.

Mr Trump said on Friday he is "100 per cent in favour" of the replacement health care measure, and described Obamacare as a "disaster".

Despite Republicans' near constant claim that Obamacare recipients have coverage but no ability to access care because of high deductibles, the Affordable Care Act made not just coverage, but actual care, available to millions of people through the expansion of the Medicaid program.

The largest costs would come from repealing numerous fees and taxes that were created to pay for Obamacare, which makes subsidized health insurance available through government-run exchanges.

The largest budget savings would come from reductions in outlays for Medicaid and from the elimination of the Affordable Care Act's (ACA's) subsidies for nongroup health insurance.

In 2026, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law, the analysts said. The CBO also found the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion over a decade. That's Trump country. The northern part of the state represented by freshman Republican Jack Bergman has more enrollees per capita in Healthy Michigan than any other part of the state. Nor is it the savage price increases the bill would impose on low-income older Americans seeking to buy insurance.

After early scepticism among many Republicans about Mr Ryan's bill, it is thought changes to the proposed legislation have helped secure additional support.

In response to widespread criticism, the White House and House leaders have admitted changes to the bill are necessary to secure enough votes to pass it. "It's failing", Trump told reporters at a joint news conference with the visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Right now, there's some real apprehension in the Senate.

A 62-year-old individual in Los Angeles who makes $50,000 isn't eligible for assistance under Obamacare, but would receive a $4,000 tax credit under the GOP plan.

"We think what it does is give a lot of handouts to drug companies and insurance companies", she said.

The next piece of the dialogue moved indoors as members of Indivisable Nebraska met with Congressman Don Bacon in search of health care solutions.



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