Twin toddlers party all night after parents go to sleep

Video catches twin toddlers partying past bedtime

American father Jonathan Balkin set up a camera in his twin boys' bedroom to see exactly what they were getting up to after he and his wife went to bed and the results are nothing short of wonderful.

When New Yorkers Jonathan and Susana Balkin wanted to know why their twin two-year-old boys appeared exhausted during the day, they set up a video monitor to find out what went on during the night, Fox 46 reported.

Video recorded by Jonathan and Susana Balkin on their Nest home monitoring system showed 2-year-old twins, Andrew and Ryan, having a gymnastics roll-around instead of sleeping. The video has been watched more than 11 million times since it was posted to Facebook on March 13.

Jonathan told Carson Daly the twins have escaped from their cribs a couple of times before, but this was a particularly epic incident. "We ended up spying on them for a little while on the camera just to make sure they weren't getting into trouble, they weren't getting hurt". "Then after a while we decided, OK, it's time to intervene and put them to bed".

Balkin said he and Susana eventually had to take away the boys' night lights.

Daly asked if the parents were considering upgrading the twins' beds.

Did you children get up to mischief in the middle of the night? "So the cribs are good for now".



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