Trump's policy promises cause fear along the US-Mexico border

US President Donald Trump says his planned wall along the Mexican border will be "a very effective weapon against drugs and crime".

The businessman added it is unclear what other companies might participate or what demand would exist for the wall's cement.

Trump said during the campaign that the wall would be a literal barrier, though some of his surrogates have suggested some parts of the border might benefit more from electronic and other means of surveillance.

The list was compiled from a website for contractors interested in doing business with the federal government.

A more complete summary of the first phase of the design will be posted March 6, and companies will have just four days to submit their concept for the prototype in paper format.

Some of the companies that have expressed interest in President Donald Trump's proposed project include Raytheon, Leo A Daly and Caddell, according to a list obtained by CityLab.

"We will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border", Trump told lawmakers in an address to a joint session of Congress. Numerous companies may qualify as minority-owned, veteran-owned, or small disadvantaged businesses.

"We're getting the bad ones out, the bad people, " Trump said in regard to his policies.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has said his country will not pay for the wall.

"[Trump] didn't say Mexico is going to pay for [the wall]", host George Stephanopoulos said, referencing Trump's speech to Congress Tuesday.

"Well, they are", retorted Pence, the former Republican governor of Indiana.



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