Trump lawyer asks teen to shut down cat website

Trump lawyer asks teen to shut down cat website

In the letter, Trump's general counsel encourages the teen to cease and desist and shut down the website.

Donald Trump's lawyers are reportedly going after a 17-year-old who created a website where users click on the president's face to punch him with tiny kitten paws.

The website, which took her just three hours to create, was originally called, but she was forced to change the name after the president's lawyers got in touch. The letter claims her site infringed on the "internationally known and famous" Trump trademark. There's a 17-year-old girl that can code a website where you can use kittens to scratch Trump's face, and that must be stopped immediately.

Lucy has seemingly used the extra traffic to to sell the domain to a United Kingdom organization, which has redirected it to another site featuring the name "Trump" - - a porn site. It comes with the tagline: "Trump seems very tough at first but he gets weaker with every scratch".

The teenager told The Reporter she built the site while trying to apply for developer jobs, having launched it in February under the name, but later changed the address after blowback from the White House. "This is completely false", he claimed after media organizations started calling to ask why on earth the president's company was sending threatening legal letters to cat-based websites.

'It's so sad that his administration is focused more on being liked, burying real news and taking down sites like mine as they supposedly make him look bad, ' she added. "Meanwhile, he tweets about 'The Apprentice" ratings and sends out power-drunk tweets about phone tapping. And they sent Lucy a cease and desist letter.

Lucy blasted Trump, arguing it's "f***ing outrageous" for Trump's lawyers to come after her "fun" project.

Trump's attorneys have not responded to our request for comment.



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