Trump administration to review fuel economy regulations

Trump administration to review fuel economy regulations

President Donald Trump will visit the Detroit area Wednesday to meet with automakers, suppliers and unions to stem the outsourcing of jobs, the White House said Monday. Back in January invited auto executives and other business leaders to the White House for a meeting that Ford CEO Mark Fields framed as "very positive," after Trump in the past criticized Ford and other US automakers for importing cars from Mexico and has threatened tariffs of 35 percent.

President Trump will land in the Motor City on Wednesday and is expected to deliver a speech to talk about the automotive industry, specifically jobs and keeping them in the United States.

The administration has chose to review the feasibility of the 2022 through 2025 vehicle emissions rules, sources told Reuters last week, after the Obama administration moved in its final days to keep them. The companies have argued that the rules - which would raise fuel efficiency to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, up from 27.5 in 2010 - will be too expensive.

Throughout his campaign, Trump and his surrogates were frequent visitors to MI.

The White House has not released details about the trip. However, when then the new regulations first were announced in 2011, the EPA set an April 2018 deadline for its review to determine whether the standards were feasible. They say they need more flexibility to meet the rules amid low fuel prices, Reuters noted.

Changing the 2022-2025 fuel rules will require a lengthy regulatory process and environmentalists and Democratic state attorneys general are likely to sue if the Trump administration significantly weakens the requirements.

Trump's relationship with auto industry leaders has been varied.



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