The White House's Official Newsletter Accidentally Linked to a Satirical Article

Professor Stephen Hawking who has said he is planning to travel into space on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. PRESS ASSOCIATION

Until there is entitlement reform - which, right now, seem like never - the only place to trim is within the confines of discretionary spending.

And while Trump argues that his proposal is fiscally responsible because it wouldn't increase overall spending, his budget would reject the discipline that lawmakers from both parties agreed to impose on the Pentagon in equal measure to non-defense programs.

The budget would slash the Agricultural Department budget for programs that support farms and cutback on other services counted on by rural America, where Trump got some of his largest vote margins.

The Environmental Protection Agency's budget would be cut by 31 percent, eliminating its climate change programs and trimming back core initiatives aimed at protecting air and water quality.

Today, the White House accidently (we assume) shared a satirical article from the Washington Post, slagging off Trump's budget: proof they didn't read beyond the (sarcastic) headline.

Rutgers researchers stand to take hits from the proposed cuts at the National Institutes of Health and Trump's proposal to entirely eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities, would also hurt Rutgers and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, which distributed grants to state arts organizations, including Paper Mill Playhouse and the New Jersey Symphony.

President Donald Trump asked the US Congress on Thursday to approve a 2018 budget that would bolster military programs and begin building a wall on the southern border with Mexico while drastically cutting many federal agencies. Underfunding diplomatic efforts reduces American influence on the global stage, and cuts to foreign aid programs undermine worldwide peace and security and increase the potential for global instability.

I am proud to introduce the "America First" Budget.

The proposal would end federal support for the Meals on Wheels program, which provides hot meals to seniors who can't leave their homes. Among the services getting cut from the budget entirely are: before and after school tutoring programs, an educator training programs in at-risk schools, need-based scholarships to college students, programs that help disabled and non-native English speakers to sharpen their skills. Funding for historically black colleges and other minority-serving institutions would remain at current levels under the budget. It would also free the states from costly federal regulations that are tied to aid programs.

My family budget's reveals a commitment to my sons' education and activities, a deep connection to cellular service and an unreasonable love of sushi and nicotine gum. "If we are ever going to balance the budget and create real economic growth, we must cut federal spending".

One might wonder why someone who campaigned against overseas American military entanglements would want to invest so much in updating and expanding military forces, equipment and weapons. One-third of American undergraduates are working 35 hours per week and half are working at least part time. Precious little. numerous proposed cuts would make their lives decidedly worse. Yesterday, the White House released its first budget blueprint, also referred to as its skinny budget, and the consensus all around is that the proposed budget will not make America great again.



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