SoCal artist's billboard shows Trump with mushroom cloud

SoCal artist's billboard shows Trump with mushroom cloud

Moore and Fiorito said they anticipate harsh criticism for the Trump billboard.

The woman, artist Karen Fiorito, was commissioned by a Phoenix art gallery to create an artwork that commented on President Trump, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper.

The dollar signs created with typography imitating Nazi swastikas are a stroke of brilliance that perfectly captures Trump's unholy amalgamation of Nationalist fascism, unbridled capitalism and unchecked power. "Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship where things were going in a certain direction".

But look closely at the mushroom clouds and you'll see clown faces. The US leader also wears a Russian flag lapel pin. The billboard was erected Friday to coincide with the opening of a local arts festival.

The billboard reportedly overlooks a Phoenix highway. In 2004, she made one with former President George W. Bush and top government officials.

Fiorito posted on Facebook that she is expecting backlash and even "death threats" from Trump supporters.



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