Shoreham air disaster pilot 'flew too low and too slow'

The report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) identified both causal factors and contributory ones, including "the absence of provisions to mitigate the effects of an aircraft crashing in an area outside the control of the organisers of the flying display".

Specialist aviation lawyer at Ashfords LLP, who during his flying career in the RAF organised flying displays and flew in air shows, says that he is shocked at how things went so wrong with the Shoreham flying display.

His words and the report come after eleven people were killed when a plane attempting a loop-the-loop at the Shoreham Airshow in August 2015 crashed into the A27 road.

On publication of the report into the disaster, AAIB principal inspector Julian Firth said: "The aircraft crashed because at the top of its aerobatic manoeuvre it was too low to complete it".

It stated: "There was evidence that other pilots do not always check or perceive correctly that the required height has been achieved at the apex of manoeuvres".

Ashfords' Aviation Team specialises in representing the victims of air accidents.

The outcome of the crash was found to be so severe because it happened outside the area of ground controlled by the air show.

The report makes a series of safety recommendations including that airshow organisers must conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments, and pilots must tell organisers what manoeuvres they will carry out and where. However, Mr Hill was unable to remember anything about the flight itself. However, given that he was a very experienced military and display pilot, it is very surprising that he did not escape the manoeuvre.

- The pilot had not received formal training to escape from the manoeuvre in a Hunter and had not had his competence to do so assessed. "This is extremely concerning - if he had practised this in the Hunter, it would have been fresh in his memory and he could have prevented this tragedy".

"Those who lost loved ones on that day. will forever be in the prayers and the minds of us here in the Diocese of Chichester".

"Everybody - the families and the community - just want to know what happened".

"Rules laid down by the CAA were quite clearly inadequate and those that were there were, in some cases, not fully adhered to by the air show organisers".



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