Sen. Cory Gardner defends Medicaid expansion as GOP reveals Obamacare replacement

The Affordable Care Act replacement would change premium subsidies in a way that may not provide as much assistance to people with low incomes

House committees are expected to start voting on parts of the bill Wednesday.

Republican members of the US House of Representatives unveiled on Monday the American Health Care Act, which would repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, which has always been controversial among those on the right. According to Reuters, The bill is set to repeal much of the Obamacare healthcare law, even including its expansion of the Medicaid program for poorer people.

Some younger people who get less tax credits under the Affordable Care Act because their premium costs are typically lower, would also benefit under the GOP's flat-tax credit plan.

She said the bill shows House Republicans have "total disregard for the people they are supposed to represent and instead bows to special interests".

The new bill would also provide tax credits for people to buy health insurance on the individual market, though they will be smaller than those provided under Obamacare.

As House Republicans released their plan to replace Obamacare today, four Republican senators protested inadequate protections for Medicaid expansion programs and vowed to not support a bill that didn't give beneficiaries a stable transition to a rock-solid foundation.

The bill calls for issuing a refundable, advanceable tax credit to customers of individual health plans with the value of that credit tied to age and income.

"Any changes made to how Medicaid is financed through the state and federal governments should be coupled with significant new flexibility so they can efficiently and effectively manage their Medicaid programs to best meet their own needs", they added.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the bill "marks an important step toward restoring healthcare choices and affordability back to the American people".

Like Obamacare, the GOP plan would preserve the so-called Cadillac tax on high-cost insurance plans provided by employers.

Following this introduction, the Committees will move their pieces of the legislation through regular order. The new bill would end the individual mandate, one of the most unpopular provisions of the law, while keeping the requirement that children must be allowed to stay on their parents' health insurance until they're 26.

About half of it will go to the Energy & Commerce Committee, and the other half to the Ways & Means Committee.

Democrats have warned that Republicans risk throwing the entire US healthcare system into chaos by repealing the Obamacare law that was passed by congressional Democrats over united Republican opposition.

While the actual GOP repeal legislation hasn't been released, a recent analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that in 2020, the average tax credit under one GOP proposal - $2,957 - would be 36 percent less than under Obamacare - $4,615.

The average compensation for top health insurance executives is in the millions.



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