Security alert after bomb threat at White House

US Secret Service officers stand in the cordoned off area on Pennsylvania Avenue after a security incident near the fence of the White House in Washington Saturday

One person is in custody after a auto drove up to a White House checkpoint on Saturday night, the US Secret Service has said.

Sean Patrick Keoughan, of Roanoke, drove a reportedly stolen vehicle up to a security checkpoint around 11 15th St. and E St. NW and told Secret Service agents he had "a bomb in the trunk", NBC News reported, citing a Metropolitan police. He was identified Sunday by police.

Security has been increased at the White House, after a man drove up, claiming to have a bomb. Reuters news agency reported that several streets around the White House grounds were closed down after the incident. Keoughan was charged for illegal use of a vehicle and making false bomb threats.

President Trump was in the residence at the time but was not threatened, the Secret Service said. "Great response by Secret Service".

On March 10, a man scaled the White House fence and was on the ground for 16 minutes before the Secret Service detained him.

A law enforcement source said the security process on Saturday worked the way it was supposed to, with the man who jumped the bike rack being apprehended quickly.

A man has been arrested after he drove up to a White House security checkpoint and allegedly claimed to have a bomb in his auto.

The auto was stopped Saturday around 11:00 p.m. about a quarter-mile from the White House.

Donald Trump wa snot at the White House on Saturday, when the intruder tried to get in. In this case, the incident took place near the north entrance of the Presidential home on Pennsylvania Avenue NW.



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