School District Says Le'Veon Bell Is Barred From Wisconsin Prom Dance

Le'Veon Bell Agrees To High School Prom Bet, Gets Banned By School District

Pittsburgh Steelers star Le'Veon Bell has been banned from attending a Wisconsin high school's prom with a student, according to Annysa Johnson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

But the Waukesha school district stepped in and said Bell can not attend the prom with Tarantino because district policy says he's too old for the event. It would've been nice - and fun - to make an exception for Tarantino and Bell here - but the situation also presented the Waukesha school district with an opportunity to show how seriously it takes these policies and no exceptions will be allowed.

"You can Google Mr. Bell", district spokeswoman Terry Schuster said.

High school students are now planning for prom and one student in Wisconsin will have a celebrity date. She once met Bell in 2014, about the same time of her original Twitter prom invite. "We don't even know if this is a real commitment". Bell responded, "600 & it's a deal". And when she surpassed that - she has since hit 2,000-plus - he tweeted, "A deal is a deal. see you at your prom". The family does say if Bell is not allowed to attend, there are other public student events that Bell would be allowed to attend. The Tarantino family tells us they were not made aware of the form but are hoping a "Hail Mary" will get Bell to the dance.

District officials say they will consider Bell's attendance when the proper paperwork is filled out.

Tarantino was looking for the ideal black and gold dress to wear.

He understands the age prohibition and, as a parent, agrees with that policy.

"I'm one of the biggest Le'Veon Bell fans", Tarantino said.

Bell, 26, also exceeds the district's age restriction of 19. "And I think the fact that he's agreed to do this and to bring his family, speaks very highly of who he is as a person".

"Everyone makes mistakes; we all do", said Jim Tarantino.



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