Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Use Facial Recognition to Authenticate Mobile Payments

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The bezel is smaller than past models, taking up just a tiny bit of the top and bottom of the device.

Samsung hasn't commented the information so far. But the view of the analyst and Samsung-following community is that the image certainly appears to be legitimate. In doing so, the company has posted a number of images that show the unreleased Galaxy S8 in its cases.

This new 1000 fps capability will allegedly be on the rear camera sensor on the S8.

The physical home button will be dropped in an attempt to make the device even more compact. The rumours also added that the phone will be getting released this year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was launched last month at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. The new Galaxy smartphone is slated to be formally announced in late March in advance of an April release. The company is counting on the Galaxy S8 duo to get its mojo bring back. It seems that this particular suggestion now has credibility.

If you're looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S8, and if you love shooting slow-motion videos (i.e. filming yourself walking away from a massive explosion in slow-motion like a "Fast and Furious" movie), then you're about to enter slow-mo paradise.

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to be coming with two different chipsets.

Samsung is expected to follow a similar trend to past year when it comes to processors for the upcoming flagship, with different chips powering different versions of the S8 in specific territories.

This rumor from Korean news site suggests that the new Samsung phone will be capable of shooting at 1000 frames per second (fps), creating the handsome slow-motion recording of the recently-unveiled and, which would obviously be a visually attractive feature to highlight during the launch. This would undoubtedly be welcome, as there is no doubt that Android-driven devices face more challenges in this area than their iOS counterparts.

The headphone jack is also expected to retained although there has been no confirmation of this. In the second test, the S8 had scores of 1,978 and 6,375 points.

Meanwhile, users are expected to find an improved battery technology in the Galaxy S8. Expect to see more of a VR push too, especially considering the recent launch of Samsung's Gear VR controller.

This feature is part of Samsung's efforts to introduce a streamlined design for the upcoming handset to regain consumers' trust following the Note 7 debacle.

Ahead of the anticipated emergence of the Galaxy S8, rumors are now accelerating regarding the next generation smartphone. You may, however, manually check for the availability of the update on your handset by heading over to the "About Phone" section from the "Settings" menu.



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