Sammie Zonana's blind audition lands her Gwen Stefani as coach

Blake Shelton

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani were back in their rotating chairs, looking to finish off their respective teams, so they were especially picky.

'I'm obsessed with you now!' Gwen, 47, chimed in, before giving her a hug.

While Shelton, who hosted the awards past year, was in San Diego playing a concert on the night of the awards, the "Make Me Like You" singer brought along her three sons for the annual slime fest. At this point in the season, Adam had nine artists on his team, both Alicia and Gwen had eight artists, and Blake had snagged seven team members.

Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani can each take four more contestants on their teams.

'I'm sorry I didn't turn, ' regretted Gwen.

'She's gifted, ' said the Maroon 5 frontman. "I think we could do a lot together".

They all tried, but Hanna picks to join Team Adam on The Voice USA 2017! She came to the show with gig and songwriting experience, and she has her own wedding singer business. She put her own spin on "Blue" by Bill Mack that won LeAnn Rimes a Grammy in 1996. Stefani turned right away, and Zonana joined her team by default, but that really was the best team for her. Shelton was wowed by this 24-year-old's take on "I'm Every Woman", which was originally recorded by Chaka Khan in 1978 and covered with much success by Whitney Houston in 1992.

The last artist of the night was Valerie Ponzio, who plays country-Americana music. She delivered an interesting and fun take on "Ring Of Fire" for her audition, and Stefani turned first.

Despite their busy schedules on The Voice, coaches still have time to goof around.

"She's got this voice that's kind of like an angel, but its got this gritty edgy kind of thing to it", says Boseman. Ponzio picked Blake as her coach. Shelton focused in on Ponzio's predilection for country, naturally.

The Voice blind auditions continue Tuesday on NBC. Who do you think has the tightest team at the moment?



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