Rumor: New Pokémon Coming To The Switch

Could this be the start of Pokemon Stars?

New job postings from Pokemon developer Game Freak, as translated by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, lends credence to reports from past year that a new version of the most recent entries in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will be coming to the Switch under the title Pokemon Star.

Is Pokemon coming to Nintendo Switch?

A new Pokémon game may be in development for the Switch if this job listing is anything to go by. Whether the ads are for the same game or not is unclear.

"Here's a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!" "It's a title that just about anyone knows, a proposal that could be your future career", it continues, as well as mentioning that the platform is going to be a console.

A second advert for a character model creator says they're looking for someone with experience of creating models to "Wii U/PS Vita-level".

Despite being famously known for Pokemon games, Game Freak has other titles under their belt as well so the project could be entirely separate from Pokemon and could be another one of their games. Both contracts are projected to last until May 2018 at the latest.

I could see Nintendo porting Pokemon Sun and Moon to the Switch, though that would take some time since the 3DS is vastly different from the Switch.

The game being "released for a long time" would seem to indicate that whatever is being made already exists in some form or another, which falls in line with the idea that it could be a Sun/Moon re-release.



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