Oculus Rift and Touch get price reduction, now $598 for the bundle

The cut is not a special promotion or bundle-only price; rather, Oculus says that finding ways to make "PC VR as affordable as possible" is important to the future growth and success of the virtual reality industry as a whole.

Oculus today announced a huge price cut for its Rift headset and Touch controllers.

Oculus also lowered the price of both pieces of hardware individually. Considering it was previously $600 for just the Rift, with the Touch controllers costing $199, it's a decent drop in price.

Oculus is also selling additional room scale sensors for $59, down from their original price of $79.

Unlike the grand official release and much optimism around Oculus last year, which saw plenty of high profile VR titles from the company, this year's showing has been a bit subdued in comparison. Check out our list of the best VR games.

The new pricing will also translate into the United Kingdom too, with prices on Dollar parity compared to the U.S. at £598 for the Rift and Touch controller bundle and £99 for the Touch controllers alone.

"Console VR is less expensive and now outselling PC VR, and even less expensive Mobile VR headsets, like our Gear VR device, are outselling Console VR", Rubin notes. He noted that both mobile and PlayStation VR have shipped more units than PC VR at lower prices, and that in playtests and surveys, price is always the first thing people bring up as a barrier to buying a Rift. Rift sold its controller separately, but the combined price had matched the Vive until this drop. "This is how the technology business works".



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