North Korea proclaims new rocket program

Chris Matthews Burns Trump He Cares More About Covering Up Russia Than Stopping North Korea

March 20 (ANI): Chinese President Xi Jinping and visiting U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Sunday agreed there are opportunities for greater cooperation between the two sides while acknowledging that there are, and will be in the future, differences between the two countries.

The United States has developed various military options against North Korea, but all of them carry too big a risk to put into action, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said. Wang told reporters. "Our priority now is to flash the red light and apply the brakes on both trains".

Speaking in Seoul on Friday, Tillerson issued the Trump administration's starkest warning yet to North Korea, saying in Seoul that a military response would be "on the table" if Pyongyang took action to threaten South Korean and USA forces.

Talk of pre-emptive strikes against the North has come to the fore after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during a visit to Seoul last week that all options were on the table in dealing with the communist nation and the military option was one of them.

North Korea has a five-year plan to launch more Earth observation satellites and its first geostationary communications satellite - which would be a major technological advance. The United States is unlikely to choose a preemptive military strike, but it is critical at this moment to reiterate long-standing US policy toward North Korea: that all options, including military and even nuclear options, will be considered, as necessary, to deter attacks on our homeland or allies. Over the past year, Pyongyang has raced toward its goal of fielding an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the continental United States with a nuclear warhead.

China has stridently opposed the deployment of a USA missile defense system to South Korea, saying its X-band radar can peer deep into China to monitor flights and rocket launches. It has deployed hundreds of missiles capable of reaching Japan, South Korea and USA bases on Guam and showed a willingness to employ biological or chemical weapons when it allegedly ordered the assassination of Kim Jong Un's half brother in Malaysia using VX nerve agent. The U.S. says it's a system focused on North Korea.

Tillerson replied that Trump looks forward to enhancing understanding with China and the opportunity for a visit in the future.

"The president and the secretary of state have an expectation that China employ multiple points of pressure on North Korea".

Territorial disputes in the South China Sea and China's continued building of man-made islands are also likely to be on the agenda.

During the presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly railed against the trade imbalance between the USA and China. His pick for USA trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, has said he would use a "multi-faceted approach" to cracking down on Chinese trade abuses.

Toner also said that the U.S. is not backing away from its concerns about human rights in China.



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