Nintendo Switch lets you see your playtime - after 10 days

Making it all the more impressive: The launch of the Switch was in March when there are no holidays to spur purchases.

When we first heard rumors that Nintendo would be using teeny tiny cartridges for retail Switch games, rather than optical discs, our own Sam Machkovech boldly predicted that "while ROM production would probably cost more than optical discs, the assumption is that the wholesale cost wouldn't be that much more per unit-and certainly not as much as N64 cartridges cost compared to CD-ROMs in the late '90s".

Lately we have been seeing moans about screen scratches from the dock and a Joy-Con connectivity issue. It can also vary based on the size of the cartridge itself, which increases in price for every power of two increase in GB size, up to a 32GB maximum.

In the case of Rime, Tequila Works is reporting the Switch version is being handled by an outside studio, so they are unsure regarding its exact cartridge size at this time. There are those who claim that the left Joy-Con has sync issues. For example, if you are playing a game on TV mode, and someone passes by, the connection would be interrupted temporarily. If you're fighting a boss in the new "Zelda" game, for instance, and the controller disconnects mid-fight, you could conceivably lose the fight because of that disconnection. Nintendo Switch, as it turns out, is no different.

"The number (of Joy-Con replacement or fix requests received) is not significant, and is consistent with what we've seen for any new hardware we have launched", Nintendo told TIME in a statement. Naturally, this raised some questions such as "Why?" and "Can we expect more of this in the future?" "But certainly we understand the desire, and it's something we pushed hard for from a production standpoint".

Just about every major gaming console in history had some sort of issue at its launch. A page that specifically addresses Joy-Con issues has been added to Nintendo's support site. A recall, perhaps? That's not clear.

Time has recently interviewed Nintendo's North American president Reggie Fils-Aimé, and he said that they have seen the inquiries and they want as much consumer feedback as possible.



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