Nintendo has reportedly doubled Switch production plans

There's a Monster Hunter Movie on the Way

If you were wondering how many screenshots you can save on the Nintendo Switch, well the limit has now been reached.

It looks like Nintendo is doing what it can to prevent the current retail shortage of Nintendo Switch hardware from persisting into the future. Bear this in mind if you are one to take a lot of screenshots for your video games. After the news broke earlier today about the production increase, Nintendo's stock rose 1.69%. If Nintendo can sell through all of that, then the Switch will have surpassed the Wii U's lifetime in a single year.

Nintendo is planning to double production of its Switch console to fulfill the ever-increasing demands as per the report by WSJ.

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition stock comes and goes in major retailers like eBay and Amazon, but they come in steep premium ranging from $144 to $161 plus shipping. That certainly bodes well for the system's fortunes, especially considering the company's previous home console, Wii U, managed to sell a little over 13.5 million units throughout its entire life.

The process that Patsuann was able to document showed that there might already be a cloud save system in place for the Nintendo Switch, but only Nintendo now has access to it. On the contrary, 101 million units of the original Wii were sold, with 20 million units sold in its first year alone. An analysis from SuperData now puts it at 1.5 million units worldwide.

The news follows reports of strong initial interest in the Switch worldwide following its March 3 debut, with one report estimating 1.5 million units sold in the system's first week. WSJ source claims the number to be a bit higher at 2.5 million.

When the topic of cloud saves was brought up, Fils-Aime said that it would be great to have such a feature on the Nintendo Switch, and that gamers should "stay tuned".



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