Nail salon charges overweight people more for pedicure

Nail Salon 'Fat Shaming': Memphis Nail Salon's Sign Causes Outrage On Facebook

"I'm a nail tech and am gobsmacked with the sign".

The handwritten sign in the photo reads, "Sorry but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists".

Rose Nails, a shop located in Memphis, Tenessee, had allegedly put up a sign demanding more pay from heavier customers for their services.

The picture was shared over 500 times by angry Facebook users, with one writing: "How rude!"

"They took the sign down and denied ever having it up. pictures are worth a thousand words", Ferguson posted to Facebook on Friday.

Nguyen told the local TV station that the picture "could be anywhere" - except his business.

The salon owner, Son Nguyen, denied the allegations, even with photographic evidence showing the sign next to other posters still present at his establishment.

Deshania Ferguson, the woman who captured the image and posted it online said the sign was, "So rude!".

According to a separate report from Metro, the salon normally charges $20 for pedicures.

But he also told the station he has chose to stop serving obese patrons because it is hard to give them pedicures.

Ferguson is incredulous at Rose Salon's denial.

He explained that that's because the excess weight makes it hard for nail technicians to provide pedicures, and that he's had chairs broken twice in the past, costing him about $2,000 to $2,500, as he claims.

A Starbucks customer recently claimed she had been labelled "fat" by an employee who wrote on her cup.



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