Middle Eastern Airlines Report Sudden US Ban On Laptops And Electronic Devices

"Following instructions from the concerned United States departments", the airline tweeted, all electronics are banned on US-bound flights, with an exception for cellphones and medical devices.

According to numerous reports, USA authorities today alerted a number of Middle Eastern and African airlines that starting soon, their passengers will have to check any electronic items larger than a cell phone. Alternatively, it could be a security measure focused at different objectives; until the TSA or DHS chooses to comment, we won't know for sure. Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, the only two USA carriers which operate to the Middle East, decline to comment.

Royal Jordanian airlines announced on Twitter on Monday that passengers can not bring any electronic devices on flights to or from the U.S.

American Airlines, Qatar, Etihad, and Emirates did not immediately respond to inquiries about any restrictions to electronics in their cabins on certain or all flights.

Devices including laptops, tablets, cameras, and DVD's can only be put in checked bags.

A representative of Saudi Arabian Airlines, based at JFK International Airport in NY, told BuzzFeed News that the ban begins immediately, and covers all electronic devices, excluding cellphones.

A media spokesman from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the agency had "no comment on potential security precautions", but said they would provide any updates.

"We will share any further information once shared with us", a spokesperson for Royal Jordanian Airlines said.

The prohibition is scheduled to begin Tuesday and involves Royal Jordanian flights to New York, Chicago and Detroit, according to an airline tweet.

In 2014, the Transportation Security Administration required some passengers to show their electronics could power up over concern explosives were hidden in the devices.



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