Legendary Columnist Jimmy Breslin Dead at 88

Jimmy Breslin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist who pilloried the powerful and celebrated working people in columns for Newsday, the New York Daily News and other publications, died Sunday morning.

For almost half a century, Breslin was to NY what Mike Royko was to Chicago - a columnist who set the agenda for his city and whose words made everybody from the mayor to the gas meter readers sit up and take notice.

Breslin's death was announced by one of his longtime homes, the Daily News, who called him "a tabloid titan", a "cigar-chomping, hard-nosed newspaperman" and a "curmudgeonly ink-stained wretch" in their obituary/tribute to their colleague.

He was a life long New Yorker.

Breslin also struck a chord with "Son of Sam" killer David Berkowitz, who contacted the columnist, promising more murders. As reporters rushed for a straightforward take on President John F. Kennedy's funeral, for example, Breslin wrote about the event from the gravedigger's point of view.

Breslin was often able to offer New Yorkers an unconventional take on the current events that dominated headlines. Mailer ran for mayor on a platform of making New York City the 51st state. His own memoir was entitled I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering Me.

He was married twice and had six kids, four survive him.



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