Jonathan Lipnicki says he was bullied 'relentlessly' in school after 'Jerry Maguire'

Jonathan Lipnicki

He may have taught us that the human head weighs eight pounds and that bees and dogs can smell fear, but actor Jonathan Lipnicki is now back with a new revelation, opening up about the bullying and depression he endured because of his days as child star.

In the post the 26-year-old confessed that the taunts resulted in him suffering from daily panic attacks, and that he felt totally humiliated.

"I was told I was a has-been and would never book a job again", he wrote.

As said in the Instagram post, the star has now made more films as an adult than he ever did as a child actor, and while they might not be big studio films his resumé is still very impressive.

Lipnicki told TooFab on Tuesday that he's been in treatment for a long time because of anxiety and depression.

"I've had a lot of people who were also nice to me reach out and say 'Hey, just wanted to say I always thought it was disgusting how people treated you, ' but the one who did it, I don't even think he knows".

"I didn't expect to feel like this, but I do", he wrote.

He continued however that he is proud to prove them wrong as he has continued to book roles, "Chase your dreams, it's awesome how many people peak in their teens. I love you and I hope sharing this can shed a little light in a positive way".

Lipnicki said that at one point his anxiety got so bad, he suffered from excema on his hands from constantly rubbing them together due to nervousness. "As much as it is easier said than done, overcoming being bullied is a reality and I hope this resonates with all of you".

While Lipnicki is open about sharing his story, he doesn't want to be viewed as a "victim". I think a lot of kids out there don't have a direction to go with that pain and they go inside of themselves and they suffer.

"I wanted advice and also just wanted to see him again". He's a really inspiring person to me.

"Your attitude determines your altitude Brother and I know that what you are doing what you are meant to do in life".



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