John Oliver explains why we are in the midst of 'stupid Watergate'

John Oliver explains why we are in the midst of 'stupid Watergate'

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been the most recent member of Trump's team to be under fire over contact with Russian Federation.

"It is not clear what is really going on here, yet, although one possibility is that this all amounts to what I'm going to call 'Stupid Watergate, '" Oliver said, "a potential scandal with all of the intrigue of Watergate except everyone involved is really bad at everything". "And the relevant questions isn't so much, 'What did the president know and when did he know it?' as it is, 'Is the president physically capable of knowing things at all?'" Manafort was sacked from the Trump campaign shortly after his own professional ties to Russian politics were reported.

Sessions was asked by Democratic Senator Al Franken if he knew of any Trump surrogates meeting with Russian officials.

"You tried to wean them off vodka by giving them horse milk?" said Oliver.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn already resigned in February following the revelation that he met with Russian officials despite telling White House officials, including Mike Pence, that he had not. Sessions didn't directly answer the question, instead stating that he was unaware of such activities, "did not have communications with the Russians", and was "unable to comment on it". "He wasn't even asked whether he'd met with the Russians. I may have met him, possibly, what might have been in Cleveland".

Oliver has been a thorn in the side of Trump since he began his campaign, popularising the "small hands" meme about the president. "That's ... obviously what our position is".

"That is the face of a man thinking, 'Don't laugh, he's the president, ' " Oliver said, "which now, evidently, should be the slogan of the GOP". "That was so unconvincing it probably set off an unplugged polygraph machine just hidden in a closet somewhere".

And, since the Trump administration has not offered any evidence of the claim that Obama tapped Trump's phones, Oliver explained, "This is how things are going to work now: the President once saw a banana with a bruise that looked like a picture in an article he read in a dream and that is why we are at f*cking war".

"I think we can now officially declare that Trump has a worse media diet than the Son of Sam killer", Oliver said.

Russian conspiracy allegations will continue to dog the White House until President Trump gets a handle on the administration's opponents inside the USA intelligence community who are driving the story, warned Republican strategists in Washington.

Oliver concluded his segment on the alleged Trump-Russia connections by referring to the subject as "stupid watergat".



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