Jayasudha's husband Nitin Kapoor dies under mysterious circumstances


Mumbai: Actress-turned-politician Jayasudha's husband and film producer Nitin Kapoor was found dead in Mumbai Tuesday. He was found dead at around 1:45pm.

A cousin of veteran actor Jeetendra, Nitin Kapoor was married to Jayasudha for the past 30 years and has produced films featuring the actress. Nitin is the cousin of yesteryear's Bollywood superstar Jitendra.

Visiting Mumbai for treatment for depression for over a year, Nitin, 58, was staying at Sea Glimpse Apartment's 6th floor flat in the upmarket Four Bungalows area with his sister. Learning the news, Jayasudha left for Mumbai, where the police have begun investigating the cause of Nitin's death. The actual cause of his death is yet to be known, but the sources say that the death seems to be suspicious. He is survived by wife and two sons Nihar and Shreyansh. Recently, Shreyan Kapoor was launched as hero with the Telugu film Basti. She is a former MLA.



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