House Committee extends deadline for DOJ to provide wiretapping evidence

Kellyanne Conway said she wasn't talking about Trump Tower specifically when she noted that there were a "number of ways" to surveil someone.

The Trump administration is now under mounting pressure to provide proof to shore up the president's unsubstantiated allegation.

Conway didn't offer any evidence to her claim, nor has Mr Trump or the White House at any point over the last nine days in the wake of his early morning tweet. The bureau is set to brief the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday afternoon.

A spokesperson for Obama, Kevin Lewis said in a statement that "neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen". The confrontation between the two is the most serious effect of Mr. Trump's weekend Twitter outburst, and it underscores the dangers of what the president and his aides have unleashed by accusing the former president of a conspiracy to undermine Mr. Trump's young administration. On Monday, Graham said that he still has not heard back from the bureau about Trump's claims.

The Republican representative Devin Nunes and the Democratic representative Adam Schiff said they were still waiting for evidence from the justice department backing up that claim.

The DOJ instead asked for "additional time to review the request in compliance with the governing legal authorities and to determine what if any responsive documents may exist", spokesman Sarah Isgur Flores said on Monday.

Congressional aides told NBC News that the committee sent a letter last week to the acting deputy attorney general.

"There are from a national security perspective, grave concerns if the president is going to state things like that without any basis", he said. He said he would give the Justice Department "a little bit more time". Wiretapping a USA citizen would require special permission from a court, and Mr. Trump, as president, would have the ability to declassify that information.

A spokesperson for Obama has denied the allegations, calling Trump's claims "simply false". Among the ways, she mentioned "microwaves that turn into cameras", adding: "We know this is a fact of modern life".

But she drew more ridicule online when asked about her comments on CNN.

The House Intelligence Committee says it has seen no evidence to support Donald Trump's claim that his phones were wiretapped.



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