Here's your first glimpse of the Nintendo Switch eShop

As gamers usually do, this Reddit user who calls himself CalKnight has been experimenting with the controller and found out something quite interesting - it works, apparently seamlessly, with PC.

Nintendo Switch is out on the 3rd March, and you can pre-order it from Game, here (it helps us if you click that link and order using it, but, you know, no pressure).

If you can't wait to pick up a Nintendo Switch, GameStop and Wal-Mart will both have a limited number of units available at 12:01 AM Friday.

It's also not able to be used via Bluetooth while plugged into a USB port, meaning you can't charge it while it's in use.

However, there are some limitations to its connectivity.

In the video down below, DreWoof walks viewers through and shows them that the controller works on PC via Bluetooth.

However, the controller now can not sync with a PC using a USB-C connection (and it also can not be charged through USB-C while using the Bluetooth connection). DreWoof also managed to pair the Pro Controller with an Android device, but in some cases input was too laggy for any practical usage.

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It's relatively easy to connect a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller to a PC, but doing the same with the Wii U Pro Controller required a bit of legwork.



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