Health chief Tom Price defends GOP plan to replace Obamacare

Rep. Bill Johnson R-Ohio left and Rep. Jason Smith R-Mo. work on the Republican health care bill in the House Budget Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday March 16 2017

"After considering the current healthcare bill in a thorough and deliberate manner, I have concluded that, although the American Health Care Act focuses on several much-needed reforms to our healthcare system, in its current form I can not support this legislation", Fitzpatrick said. According to the Congressional Budget Office's score of the bill, 24 million Americans could lose health insurance coverage under the proposed legislation over the next decade. That's one big reason many budget-conscious Republicans have joined Democrats in opposing the repeal-and-replace version pushed by the White House and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. The answer is that it's hard to know.

President Trump is conducting his presidency like a reality TV show, with all the trappings.

Before going further down this road, they should think about why Trump, with his keen gut-level political instinct, never told audiences or interviewers that he'd be fine with fewer people having insurance, and adjust their rhetoric and their plan accordingly.

Some background may be useful. Phase three will start the same week we vote on the American Health Care Act and will be ongoing during 2017. Hospitals, cities, rural counties, states and the federal government continually try to push the cost on each other.

Indeed, businessmen are looking at single-payer as a way of freeing themselves of the burden of providing insurance to employees and allowing themselves to concentrate on what they do best: run their business. Only 2,000 "spillover" federal, state, and local government jobs would be among the job loss casualties. One leg is the individual mandate requiring everyone to get coverage.

The entire point of healthcare insurance is that individuals who are well today will help to pay for the sick today.

US Republicans clashed Wednesday over plans to replace Obamacare, with President Donald Trump and top allies in Congress pitching a health care plan that is staring at defeat unless party rebels' demands for changes are met.

The Virgin Islands was included only on leg three.

"We urgently need a patient-centered, integrated healthcare model that provides individuals the freedom of choice, physicians the freedom to practice, and those with chronic disease, addiction or illness the freedom to live their lives knowing they have access to quality, affordable healthcare", Fitzpatrick said.

Yet Congress is now considering the American Health Care Act - a bill that would do just that.

Back to the new bill.

Though they went through opposite experiences under ACA, area residents like Brittany Ivey and Marisa Pyle are keeping an eye on the legislation, which is like a moving target, with new developments every day. One is the provision of providing tax breaks to help people purchase insurance. In their place it offers an age-adjusted, means-tested, refundable tax credit (meaning the credit is given to people even if they pay no net income tax) that, again, is paid directly to the insurance company to lower the premium. With our mirror tax system, either of these will be a blow to the VI treasury. This could wreak havoc on the Department of Health's federal funding. "This is something that could have an impact that goes beyond Medicaid".

The overhaul would also cap federal support given to states for Medicaid recipients instead of matching whatever states decide to spend. This will not be new.

There is growing pressure on House Republican leaders to pass a revised version of the bill that includes repeal of numerous ACA's insurance market regulations, such as the minimum essential benefits requirement. During these divisive times let's take politics out of it and let us be the community that embraces compassion and empathy. Right-leaning members have been especially irked since Obamacare expanded Medicaid to 11 million able-bodied adults without children. And this continues until government largely controls it and it is a royal mess.

Thousands of J-1 visa applicants come to the United States to attend medical school, but many of those students will now be turned away, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). We are treated like a wealthy state when it comes to the federal share of the match.

Some GOP governors weighed in Thursday evening in a letter to congressional leaders saying the House bill gives them nearly no new flexibility and lacks sufficient resources to protect the vulnerable.



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