Guerrilla Games is working on an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn


The studio also helped Guerrilla Games about conceptualizing Horizon Zero Dawn human enemies, the Bandits. This number includes both physical copies sold by retailers and copies sold digitally through the PlayStation store.

They were thrilled that the game has been embraced by critics and players alike when it was released.

Some controversy had broken out early on before the game's release, as many gaming websites had touted Horizon: Zero Dawn as a feminist game.

Horizon. Zero Dawn isn't just a very good game, it's a very pretty game, and that goes all the way back to the game's genesis with Guerilla's art team.

Guerrilla Games asked Karakter to imagine how the U.S. landscapes and towns would look like 1000 years in the future and the studio's research showed that there were only a few that would survive 900 years.

Sony Interactive Entertainment released the game on February 28, 2017, for the PlayStation 4 in the US.

Horizon Zero Dawn has hit the ground running, make no mistake about it. Guerilla Managing Director, Hermen Hulst announced that he is pleased with the game's outcome and assured fans that the team is developing more content.

How hard was it for the team to transition from making a shooter game like Killzone to making such a stellar open world game like Horizon? They also confirmed that there is an upcoming story expansion in the works.

As a comparison, "The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt", which is one of 2015's most successful games, sold 4 million copies in its first two weeks across 3 platforms.

So, if you enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn (or are still in the process of enjoying it), then this is encouraging news, because it nearly certainly means there's a sequel in the pipeline.



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