Gorsuch Supreme Court hearings open to partisan clashes

Mogul and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned D.C. Democrats to avoid the obstructionist tactics used by Republicans against Obama SCOTUS pick Merrick Garland. Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016 and the seat has remained vacant.

The first was whether Mr Gorsuch would be too close to Mr Trump.

The hearings start at 11 a.m. EST on Monday, March 20.

Casey, who met with Gorsuch a few days after Toomey did, has remained undecided about his vote.

Supporters of Judge Neil Gorsuch are pushing back strongly against late-breaking allegations that the Supreme Court nominee suggested in a law class a year ago that women unethically use companies for maternity benefits, creating some last-minute tension as his first day of confirmation hearings begin on Monday. Donald Trump then won the presidency and nominated Gorsuch. Had Gorsuch made the comments Sisk recalled, Hauptman said, "I would remember - the statements would have greatly upset me".

If Sisk is correct, Gorsuch's advice could run afoul of anti-discrimination laws that prohibit prospective employers from making hiring decisions based on pregnancy or sex under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It's unclear when the full Senate will vote on Gorsuch, but Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he was confident the vote would happen by April 7, when the Senate leaves for its Easter recess. Grassley won reelection with 60 percent of the vote. It's widely expected, however, that Trump's nominee will eventually be confirmed. "We have no doubt that he'll be the same kind of Justice on the Supreme Court".

Grassley has said he expects "high interest" in his committtee's hearing this week.

She also took issue with a couple of Gorsuch's cases that involved criminal gun possession and labor relations. After attending Harvard Law School as a Truman Scholar, he developed extensive trial and appellate litigation experience over the next two decades as Principle Deputy Associate Attorney General at the Department of Justice, partner at a private law firm, and clerk for two justices of the Supreme Court. If senators choose to make remarks at the hearing - a virtual certainty for Cruz - let's hope they not only champion the judiciary but explain its role to those who possibly don't grasp or understand its significance. He will face questions from senators Tuesday.

Democrats head into the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings divided over how hard to fight him. It's an old claim, from an even older playbook.

The nominee himself, Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, seemed nearly an afterthought at times, sitting alone at the witness table, occasionally nodding or taking notes, as the 20 members of the Judiciary Committee took turns delivering lengthy and partisan opening statements. In statements praising him after the nomination, key Republican lawmakers also highlighted what they called his close reading of text of the law.

The nomination has been surprisingly low-key thus far in a Capitol distracted by Trump-driven controversies over wiretapping and Russian spying as well as attempts to pass a divisive health care bill.

Democrats' liberal supporters are demanding they do everything within their power to stop Mr Gorsuch.



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