Gas pump bursts into flames after being struck by vehicle

Gas pump bursts into flames after being struck by vehicle

KOMO 4 TV reports witnesses on a bus heading east on Holman Road Northwest in Seattle, Washington saw the SUV speed past them and clip the side of a Honda Accord.

A shocking video shows a gas pump bursting into a ball of flames after being hit by an out of control SUV. The 35-year-old driver of the Accord was trapped inside. The Nissan struck a Honda and the impact caused the Honda to slide sideways into a tree, cutting it in half. The auto was forced off the road, collided with a tree, and the vehicle split in two.

The Nissan continued for about two more blocks before it crashed into a gas pump at a Shell station, ripping it off, causing an explosion and a fire. The SUV missed two gas pumps, but hit a third and burst into flames.

Firefighters quickly put the fire out, and the 40-year-old passenger in the SUV suffered minor injuries. The passenger in the Nissan was taken with non life-threatening injuries to the hospital. The driver was given a field sobriety test at the scene, but was neither arrested nor detained. The driver's blood sample was obtained at the hospital after a warrant was issued, said the outlet.



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