Family of fallen officer says Markeith Loyd deserves death

Family of fallen officer says Markeith Loyd deserves death

"As members of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus, we would be remiss if we did not reference Florida's long and sordid racial history with the death penalty".

Scott said that Loyd's case is so egregious that it demanded his intervention. "In this way, [his] order operates as little more than an unfettered and uninformed power grab by the governor's office over a difference of opinion".

Ayala was elected in November and is the first African-American elected state attorney in Florida. Loyd is accused of taking the lives of his ex-girlfriend; their unborn baby; and an Orlando police officer who tried to take him into custody, Lt. Debra Clayton. Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Norman Lewis was also killed while actively searching for Loyd.

"What doesn't make sense to me is, one, that you should always fully prosecute the law", he said.

After Ayala said she wouldn't use the death penalty in Loyd's prosecution, Scott issued an executive order taking her off the case and assigning a special prosecutor to it.

"I was pretty disgusted by it ... but I didn't know the person who posted it", Maitland attorney Jennifer Jacobs said when she saw the original posts.

At the forum, which was held in the same church attended by Ayala, panelists told attendees that in their view, the governor overstepped his authority. "And if the people disagree with the decision she's making they'll vote her out".

Central Florida Republican lawmakers, though, have called for Scott to go even further and suspend Ayala from office for her blanket statement not to seek the death penalty under any circumstances. The governor doubled down on his belief that the decision is his to make. "That is not what she said".



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