Dixon High School student brings gun to school

Champlin Park High School

A Dixon High School student will face criminal charges after police say he brought a gun onto the campus.

Although the suspect was released from jail Friday afternoon, it is likely he was later picked up by federal immigration agents because of his undocumented status, police said Saturday. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was informed and it is likely they will take him into custody, he said. According to officials, ICE only places detainers on individuals believed to be deportable from the United States. Our school is continuing to cooperate with the law enforcement investigation.

Brooklyn Park police learned the man was undocumented while he was initially booked in jail, Deputy Chief Mark Bruley said. They are also not in any way connected with the school.

The question remains whether or not Manito committed a crime, as the student is an adult. They then met again a short time later in the same bathroom for a second encounter.

"By having a police officer in the school who knows the kids and has multiple sources of information, we were able to locate this student immediately". Police will investigate the case next week, Bruley said.

"Please remember this does include a student who is a member of the student body and a family member of the Champlin Park family", Skelly said.

Police say the two met via the social media app Grindr, and used cell phones to communicate prior to the meeting.

The high school has since changed its visitor policy to require all visitors be escorted by school officials while on premises.



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