Custom Gamerpics are Finally Coming to Xbox

This update is brought up just days after Microsoft's claims that the Xbox Scorpio will offer 4K functions that are not now available on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro edition. But, there's more in the folds about the new Xbox Scorpio and its dynamic 4K abilities.

In addition to the custom gamerpics, the Xbox One profile and activity feed is getting a "Join broadcast" button. The company has mostly focused on developing new features such as the Beam streaming tool, the all-you-can-play Xbox Game Pass, and the like over the last few months, but now it's responding to feedback collected via, uh, Xbox Feedback, with a smorgasbord of improvements to the existing service for which people have clamored. Xbox One will support captive portal internet access so you can use public Wi-Fi, and you'll be allowed to select audio input and output sources for Party chat via the Xbox app for Windows 10. If you are looking to pick up an Xbox One S and a couple of games, this would be the ideal time. Also, Your profile will display your Arena tournament history and upcoming tournaments. The newer console only sports prettier graphics and faster framerates, but if this isn't exactly your thing and as long as you could play a decent 1080p experience with no ludicrous dips in framerate, Xbox One variants can get the job done and more. We're excited to bring this top fan-requested feature to Xbox Live and expect it to be in preview longer than other features to ensure it's great for everyone when released.

Club owners and admins can pin a post at the top of their Club feed. Most notably, players can start a Looking For Group session from the Achievement page or from a Game Hub or Club Hub, and clubs can now have custom images and backgrounds.

You can find a full list of other changes in Nelson's announcement. It never hurts to browse around and see what games are available as part of the deal, although some of you will likely add Andromeda without hesitation, considering the hype behind that title.

While these features are entering testing in the next couple of weeks, they should roll out to everyone else soon after that.



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