Cristiano Ronaldo 'expecting twins very soon after using American surrogate'

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Cristiano Ronaldo "to be the dad of twins": Who is the surrogate mother?

The 32-year-old Real Madrid forward is now dating and appears publicly with Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, 23.

A source said: "Cristiano and his family can't wait to meet the new members of their clan".

March 12 (ANI): If sources are to be believed, then it's "babies on board" for Cristiano Ronaldo. "His mum Dolores will be there to lend a helping hand like she has been with little Cristiano".

Ronaldo's relationship with Georgina Rodriguez has been hitting the headlines recently after she and Ronaldo went public.

Cristiano Jr's mother, said to have been paid $16 million by the Portuguese global, has never been publicly revealed.

That is according to reports in the Sun.

When the Portuguese global had Cristiano Jr there were similar reports that suggested the use of a surrogate.

Ronaldo told chat show host Jonathan Ross:"People speculate I was with this girl or another, or there was a surrogate mother". The identity of the mother has been kept a secret. But more than anything else, he feels that it is the right time for Cristiano Jr to be in the company of siblings.

Los Blancos' number seven has also been on record as saying that he'll tell his son everything about this as he grows up, "not because people want me to say it but because he deserves it".

The source also revealed that the unidentified mother to the twins is nearly "due". The 2016 Euro champion had previously dated model Irina Shayk during the birth of Cristiano 2010.

The star is already dad to Cristiano Jr.



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