Civilization VI demo now available to try

New Civilization VI Civ Top Screen

2K and Firaxis announced the free Civ 6 demo today alongside (surprise!) a sale on Civ 6 and some of the DLC (Australia not included, sorry Dundee nerds). Only slight AI issues can be found here, but nothing every other 4X or Grand Strategy game hasn't encountered on a worse level.

You can now play a free demo of Civilization VI on PC. The tutorial also has a 60-turn limit.

READ: "Civilization 6" Review: Is It The Best Game In The Series? It won't be entirely sufficient for all-new Civ players, but this installment is relatively approachable.

The demo, available on Steam, lets players take the role of China's leader Qin Shi Huang on a fixed map with America, Egypt and Sumeria. Unlike the full game, however, you're restricted to 60 turns, so the actions you perform in each turn are much more important. A new demo is out now featuring China. It is one of those "buy one game this year" kind of purchases and shows up on the radar of even casual genre fans.



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