Chrissy Teigen Instagrams One Of Luna's First Words, & It's An Adorable Milestone

Chrissy pushing pram with John behind

"What is that?", Teigen asked, and she and Legend say the word cat.

However, that wasn't Luna's only first time learning about a furry friend.

"Ah! So many firsts", the second post reads, which features a clip of Teigen, 31, and Legend, 38, encouraging their daughter to say 'cat, ' pointing to the nearby animal as the family enjoys an outdoor meal. Teigen captioned the video with "Ah!"

The famous duo took to Instagram and Snapchat to post several photos and videos of their lavish stay. Just last week, Luna was able to come face-to-face with a live rabbit when her parents set up a temporary petting zoo in their backyard. She also wore her first bow today, and you know Teigen had to share the moment.

What may be more out of the ordinary about Luna's first words is that they were said in Morocco. "We've been to Italy, and to France and NY, and Mexico with her, and so she's traveled quite a lot with us already".

While on the trip, the musician and his supermodel wife, who uses Twitter to troll her husband and Trump, have shared images from the North African country so we can all get cubicle reprieve and feel like we are on one Legend-ary vacay.

But that doesn't mean the family always lives a charmed life.

Teigen went public with her battle with postpartum depression in the April issue of Glamour.

On Tuesday, John told People magazine that he did his best to support her during her trying time.



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