China, Saudi Arabia ink 14 cooperation deals including nuclear energy

China, Saudi Arabia ink 14 cooperation deals including nuclear energy

The visit reflects the Kingdom's endeavors to cement Islamic solidarity and encourage the ranks of united Muslims to allow them to enjoy their true position among the world countries thanks to their enormous potentials and resources, he said.

The relationship between the two countries will also not be limited to diplomatic ties and during the meeting, the two sides discussed the creation of a new US-Saudi programme, which would start initiatives in the energy, industry, infrastructure, and technology sectors, with opportunities worth more than $200 billion (£162bn) the statement from the White House said. China's friendly relation with the countries it deal and its frankness are the reasons which have helped to expand its business deals all over the world.

He said the visit has also effectively contributed to support the Saudi leadership's plans to increase of foreign investments and enhance the role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and raising its share to the gross domestic product (GDP) from 20 percent to 35 percent.

Trump's travel ban has come under criticism for targeting citizens of several mainly Muslim countries.

Trump has vowed to start work quickly on the barrier along the almost 2,000-mile U.S. -Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants and drugs from crossing to the north.

After losing market share to Russian Federation previous year, Saudi Arabia has sought to boost oil sales to China by working with China's top three state oil firms, Reuters reported.

"It's the creation of jobs through investments - President Trump wants results and statistics matter for him", said Ingrid Naranjo, an expert in U.S. -Saudi relations.

"If those questions are resolved, we hope pilgrims will soon be sent to Saudi Arabia".

For example, he said, Trump is unlikely to mount a major, costly effort to counter Iranian influence in Iraq, or to launch a full-scale campaign to oust Syrian President Bashar al Assad, as Riyadh might wish.

"What the Saudis care about and the only thing they care about is Iran". "But I think on the ground, we're not going to see an enormous difference".



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