Chicago native Amy Krouse Rosenthal has died

Obituary Amy Krouse Rosenthal Author of 'You May Want To Marry My Husband' Essay Dies at 51

In a moving essay for the New York Times Modern Love column, Amy - a best-selling author of children's books and a memoir, Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal- shared the epic love story of her and her husband, Jason Rosenthal.

Her great gift was "making us understand that life's seemingly small moments are really not so small", her friend and agent Amy Rennery told NBC's Today Show. "She loved words, ideas, connections".

Terminally ill children's author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who penned a heartbreaking essay and dating profile for her husband, has died.

She penned a handsome, emotional story for The New York Times' "Modern Love" column titled "You May Want to Marry My Husband". "I did it in one day". In a section called "Midterm Essay", Rosenthal reflected on middle age and her youthful passion for life. "He is a sharp dresser", Rosenthal wrote. "My guess is you know enough about him now. He is fit and enjoys keeping in shape". Rosenthal, 51, wrote that she's gone weeks without real food and falls asleep mid-sentence because of the morphine she needed.

And admitting that she knows she doesn't have much time left with him or with her three kids, Paris, Justin and Miles.

Tributes poured in on social media for Rosenthal while many were sharing the gut-wrenching "dating profile" from the Times. "When I read her words for the first time, I was shocked at the beauty, slightly surprised at the incredible prose given her condition and, of course, emotionally ripped apart". "But that is not going to happen". "I greatly appreciate you, Amy", Ryan from Denver wrote, "for writing this and for giving me a perspective on what I hope for one day".

WMAQ-TV reported on Monday that Rosenthal was in hospice. But until last month, had never revealed that she was in the terminal stages. "And the part about me getting cancer".

"There are other things I need to be tending to, creating, and focusing on with my limited time".

"I tend to believe whatever you decide to look for you will find, whatever you beckon will eventually beckon you", she said during a 2012 TED talk. "I'm going to miss looking at that face of his", Rosenthal wrote. "He is a captivating character", she said of her longtime husband.



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