Chance The Rapper Reveals Details of His Apple Music Deal

Chris Pizzello  AP

But, then it went back onto Chance The Rapper's Soundcloud page, following, subsequently, in suit of all of his previous works.

'That was the extent of my deal, after 2 weeks it was on SoundCloud for free, ' he reminded his fans, adding 'I needed the money and they're all good people over there'.

He clarified that Apple Music gave him half a million dollars and a commercial for the permission to post Coloring Book exclusively on their streaming service.

The Grammy victor has revealed that he was paid $500,000 by Apple for a two-week exclusive deal for Coloring Book - widely regarded as one of the best albums (technically "mixtapes") of 2016.

The hip-hop artist's signature on Apple's dotted line, and the resulting appearance on an Apple commercial leaves listeners and advocates of independent artists with a sour taste in their mouth.

After being released on May 13 past year, Coloring Book became the first streaming-only release in history to chart on the Billboard 200, peaking at No.8. I just wanna remain transparent. "Folks out there without a deal need to know they're doing everything right just keep at it", he said before imparting advice.

And Chance explained he had accepted the deal because he would still remain in control of his music. The album became the first streaming exclusive to chart on the Billboard 200 and likely encouraged the Grammys to change their restrictions to include mixtapes and streaming-only albums for consideration.

Last month Eddy Cue, senior VP of internet software and services at Apple, reaffirmed that artist exclusives are fine as time-limited promotions, but that the longer-term windowing of an artist's new album or entire catalogue to one service is "never good" for the wider industry.



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